Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds Visa’s market cap

Bitcoin’s total capitalization has exceeded that of Visa.

The capitalization of Bitcoin Profit is the 13th market capitalization or the 5th world currency.

The most famous cryptocurrency has become the thirteenth market capitalization in the world, overtaking Visa after crossing the symbolic threshold of 25,000 dollars

13 th world capitalization

Bitcoin’s total capitalization is $ 461.9 billion, which is two billion more than Visa’s capitalization at the time of writing.

The capitalization of BTC is calculated by multiplying its price by the total number of bitcoins in circulation. So if BTC wants to overtake Berkshire Hathaway then it will need to hit around $ 28,500.

Market capitalization ranking

That would surely irritate Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, who called Bitcoin „rat poison“ . According to CNBC, he told his shareholders in 2018 that cryptocurrency trading was „madness.“

Bitcoin is currently the thirteenth largest asset in terms of market capitalization.

5th world currency

Today, Bitcoin’s total capitalization is around $ 462 billion. If we consider Bitcoin as an alternative to fiat money then BTC has its place in the top 10 largest currencies in the world.

Although the money supply of BTC and currencies do not have exactly the same method of calculation, we can roughly estimate the place of Bitcoin in the global currency rankings by comparing its total capitalization to the money supply of currencies.

The US dollar, euro, Chinese yuan and Japanese yen are the only fiat currencies with a total capitalization exceeding $ 1 trillion.

Thus, Bitcoin would currently be in fifth place ahead of the Indian rupee and the Russian ruble.