Experience ARIALAND: A Blockchain-Based Metaverse Platform For Real Estate & Content Creation

• LBank Exchange will list ARIALAND (ARIA) token on February 6, 2023.
• ARIALAND is a virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum blockchain.
• Users can earn revenue in a variety of ways – through virtual real estate, real estate arbitrage, or real estate rental and advertisement placement.

LBank Exchange to List ARIALAND (ARIA)

LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will be listing ARIALAND (ARIA) on February 6, 2023. All users of LBank Exchange will officially be able to trade the ARIA/USDT pair from 10:00 UTC that day.


ARIALAND is a decentralized virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users have the ability to create and experience content while also generating revenue through different activities such as claiming ownership of virtual real estates, building NFTs, renting out offices and stores, and placing advertisements. The native token of this ecosystem is called ARIA which enables users to acquire and maintain their own real estate while also earning profits depending on their efforts.

Why Is This Exciting?

The team behind ARIALAND has big plans for their project as they want to form a network with many diverse users who come together as one huge community without anyone controlling or regulating it. By listing their token on LBank Exchange they are hoping that this will help them reach more people all over the world so they can achieve their vision sooner rather than later.

How Will People Earn Revenue?

Users of the platform will be able to generate revenue in several ways including by claiming ownership of virtual real estates through a blockchain-based ledger; by building content NFTs such as various buildings and landmarks; renting out offices or stores; and placing advertisements within their own real estate buildings. All these activities are enabled by using the native token of the ecosystem – ARIA ERC-20 tokens.

Final Thoughts

Listing its token on LBank exchange is an important milestone for ARILAND as it looks forward to expanding its global reach and helping it achieve its vision faster with more people being aware about its project all around the world!